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Ylivieska wants to join the battery recycling business – a battery park would recycle and process waste internationally

Tuula Laatikainen 23.9. 2021

Summary of the article:

Ylivieska seeks to establish battery recycling and innovation activities in a battery park it has been developing since May 2020. The intention is to focus on so-called second life applications, disassembly technologies and material flows. The implementation of a pilot recycling plant and a virtual development environment for lithium-ion batteries is also being investigated. It includes, among other things, battery testing and condition assessment, automated battery handling processes, robotics and a battery industry pilot plant. The aim of the project is to create a new regional circular economy environment for the battery industry. It is estimated that Ylivieska area has good opportunities to serve as a location for a lithium-ion battery recycling plant, for example. It is conveniently located along the Finnish main railway line and has short connections to nearby ports. Project manager Risto Rova estimates that the possibility of two lithium-ion battery precursor plants being established in the vicinity would also strengthen Ylivieska’s role as a center for battery recycling in the area.

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