Facilities & Equipment

European Regional Development Fund

Laboratory, Office and Industrial Spaces in Ylivieska

Office space with access to laboratory facilities will be provided on Centria UAS campus premises on Vierimaantie, Ylivieska. Industrial production space can be rented at Recion Ltd’s new R Industrial Park.

Centria Labs

Battery Park Labs comprise several laboratory and demonstration facilities where companies and R&D organizations can research, test and demonstrate new solutions and technologies.

Production Technology Lab

Centria’s production technology lab is an advanced and modern robotics research and development environment, in which applied research and development of robotics and production automation technology is carried out. The laboratories are equipped with the latest equipment and facilities related to the research area, including e.g. collaborative robots, mobile robots, industrial robots, drones, machine vision and sensor technologies, simulation VR and AR equipment, etc. Research and development priorities include collaborative robotics, machine vision, artificial intelligence, robotics safety, and agile and intelligent production environments. Robotics demonstrations can also be carried out in companies’ own production environments with mobile equipment.

Centria Production Technology Research Area

Battery Chemistry Lab

The most important part of the laboratory is a li-ion battery manufacturing line and a battery testing system in which some 48 batteries can be tested simultaneously. A speciality of the laboratory is a dry room which is essential in li-ion battery production and testing. Special equipment of the laboratory can be used to build a complete laboratory scale li-ion battery manufacturing line where batteries can be produced for research purposes. Other devices enable versatile research and testing operations of battery cells. The laboratory provides excellent opportunities for testing new battery chemicals and li-ion battery technology research and development.

Centria battery lab.
Centria battery lab


Production Technology lab facilities and equipment

  • Robots
  • Cobots
  • 3D printers
  • 3D scanning
  • Laser scanning
  • CNC machining centre Deckel Maho 80T
  • VR equipment and applications
An overview of the Centria Production Technology Lab.

Robots and cobots

  • ABB IRB 140/IRC5
  • ABB IRB 4400
  • ABB IRB 6700
  • Fanuc LR Mate 200iD
  • KUKA KR6 R900 sixx/K C4
  • Motoman MH6D/DX100
  • Omron LD250 Mobile Robot
  • Omron TM12
  • Universal Robot UR3 cobot
Robots and cobots.

Safety equipment and Safety environment

  • SICK M4000 net curtain
  • SICK S300
  • Safety Eye
  • Camera equipment
  • Machine vision cameras
SICK M400 net custain and other safety equipment.

Virtual factory and testing environment

Virtual factory is a combination of digital and real-life simulation environment for development, research, testing and team training purposes in battery manufacturing and recycling technologies.

Real life factory processes can be miniaturized and process times accelerated in the Virtual Battery Factory. In this way complex phenomena become visible, more concrete and they can be acted upon more effectively.


Microsoft HoloLense

YTEK Centria Premises

The City of Ylivieska has acquired the Centria UAS premises in Ylivieska and starts leasing office space on the campus to commercial operators. Being located on the same premises with Centria UAS and its labs is a great opportunity for innovative companies who can benefit from R&D collaboration and easy access to Centria’s measuring, testing and simulation services. Below are some illustrations of the premises.

R Industrial Park

The upcoming new industry hub, R Industrial Park in Ylivieska, offers companies entirely new opportunities to succeed. Recion Ltd, has long traditions in piping fabrication and strong know-how in component manufacturing and surface treatment, and will act as a leading company in the network that is currently being built. Recion’s factory in Ylivieska will become a modern business hub bringing together entrepreneurship, knowledge and skill capital in a new way to serve the needs of future commercial life and industry. Recion will be joined by new operators in the sector who will benefit from the location, Recion’s machinery and space resources, raw-material procurement, and synergies between different operators.

The industrial area will be characterised by technology industries, Industry 4.0 (i4.0) next-generation production technologies, circular economy, and battery recycling technology, among other things. The role of Centria University of Applied Sciences will become more significant, especially when it comes to adopting i4.0. The City of Ylivieska Business Services and YTEK Ylivieskan Teknologiakylä Ltd are also closely involved in the project and offer businesses a wide variety of services developing companies’ operating conditions and supporting the creation of profitable business activities and new jobs in Ylivieska, among other things.

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