Recion Ltd Is Planning Large Industrial Park in Ylivieska

European Regional Development Fund

The upcoming new industry hub in Ylivieska offers companies entirely new opportunities to succeed.

Recion acts as the leading company in the network that is currently being built. Recion, which is already active in the area, will be joined by new operators in the sector who will benefit from the location, Recion’s machinery and space resources, raw-material procurement, and synergies between different operators. The business development service Ylivieskan Kehityspalvelut YTEK and the City of Ylivieska are also closely involved in the project.

R-Park, Recion Ltd

An industrial park with an abundance of opportunities 

There are also ongoing far-reaching EU projects centred around battery recycling and associated technologies in Ylivieska, which are expected to bring new business activities to the town in the future. The R-Park industrial park will be a substantial part of this area of activity and will consequently support circular economy operators establishing themselves in Ylivieska. The role of Centria University of Applied Sciences will become more significant, especially when it comes to adopting i4.0.

Recion Ltd designs and manufactures products tailored to our customers’ needs, as well as demanding piping solutions for power plants and process industry. Recion is one of Northern Europe’s oldest and most versatile manufacturers of demanding piping solutions. Recion also has decades of experience in areas such as hot galvanizing. Recion has expertise ranging from straightforward, routine projects to demanding projects with high requirements in both technical and security areas.

Ylivieskan Kehityspalvelut YTEK is a development firm owned by the City of Ylivieska that offers residents a wide variety of development services. YTEK develops companies’ operating conditions and supports the creation of profitable business activities and new jobs in Ylivieska, among other things.

Ylivieska is an attractive and developing regional town with a population of over 15,000 that has been shown to be growing rapidly. Ylivieska is located at a railway crossroads and is a centre for shops and services with over 76,000 customers. Its good traffic connections have made the town a thriving cultural centre with a diverse commercial life.

Further information on the project:

CEO Jari Salo,
Recion Ltd
+358 50 543 4998

CECEO Sampo Siik,
Ylivieskan Kehityspalvelut YTEK
+358 40 682 2190

Mayor Maria Sorvisto,
City of Ylivieska
+358 44 429 4210