What Is Battery Recycling Innovation Park?

European Regional Development Fund

Battery Recycling Innovation Park is a project focusing on battery recycling technologies and the circular economy. We aim at creating a battery recycling industry innovation and circular economy park in Ylivieska and a related network of companies and partners. We have identified interested start-ups, SMEs, large companies and R&D actors across Europe, and currently around 50 companies have now confirmed their participation in our network. About half of the companies are from abroad and another half from Finland.

The resources and services provided by the project, together with the network of companies and partners, enable the development of new business models, technologies, joint research and development projects between companies and R&D actors as well as domestic and international contacts and cooperation. We are able to provide interested companies with laboratory, testing, simulation and business facilities as well as robots and other equipment for product and service development needs. This will facilitate companies’ opportunities to develop new solutions for the battery industry, battery recycling and related energy solutions as well as in other related fields.

We are also currently exploring the possibility of implementing a recycling pilot and testing plant for li-ion batteries and a virtual development environment as part of the innovation park. A sister project, BR Pilot Plant, was launched in September 2021, and the SAAROB project for the robotic disassembly of electric car batteries at Centria University of Applied Sciences will support the emergence of new businesses and a battery cluster in the region.

Interested in Becoming Part of a Fast Growing Battery Industry Ecosystem?

Our network currently includes more than 50 domestic and foreign companies and R&D actors. The network enables the development of new business models, joint research and development projects between companies and R&D actors, as well as international contacts and cooperation.