Supporting Projects

European Regional Development Fund


The use of batteries is driven by the growth of e-transport and renewable energy, and the value of the battery market in Europe is projected at EUR 250 billion by 2025. Finland has extensive know-how related to the battery value chain: strong mining and raw-material processing industry and technological competence in the manufacture, use and recycling of batteries. Climate change and the reduction of the carbon footprint have created a huge demand for sustainable battery recycling technologies, and Finland is aiming at becoming a leading technology and service expert in the global market.

BR Pilot Plant

BR Pilot Plant project will investigate preconditions for a new type of international level production and technological testing environment (demo plant) related to the dismantling of lithium-ion batteries as a part of Ylivieska Battery Park entity. In addition, information can be obtained on other closely related topics, such as battery transport, storage and logistics issues, training needs, siting and various environmental regulations.

The immediate results of the project will support decision-making for establishing a battery recycling plant in Ylivieska. The project will also enable the emergence of a new type of industrial activity in the area. The pilot plant and the related international co-operation and circular economy will increase the number of jobs due to new and relocating companies.

In the long run, the results of the project will enable broader and more diverse growth, export and internationalization prospects for the regions’ manufacturing industry and related services, and increase the region’s overall attractiveness, dynamism, and competitiveness. The results of the project will strengthen the companies’ readiness in the Northern Ostrobothnia region to move to the next technological stage in the manufacturing industry and make the most of the opportunities offered by new processing methods and Industry 4.0 in the fast-growing battery industry in Europe and globally. Project is financed by ERDF funding from Council of Oulu Region.


Centria University of Applied Sciences is a strong project player in the region, with experience in joint projects between industry and educational institutions. In terms of expertise, Centria University of Applied Sciences’ solid know-how in digital factory infrastructure, robotics, cobotics and artificial intelligence applications, as well as production technologies and environmental chemistry, will support the future expertise needs of a modern battery handling plant.

The research goal of Centria’s SAAROB project is to find and utilize safe and productivity-enhancing solutions, ideas and operating models for the logistical challenges of future battery recycling through a new generation of robotics, digitalisation and intelligent automation. Project is financed by Council of Oulu Region ERDF funding. The project will create and test a robotic research, development, and innovation environment focusing on the safe reuse of battery technology and create a concept that will communicate research results to companies and actors in the form of application demonstrations, process simulations, and data packages. As a result, regional companies, actors and consumers will receive concrete research data and solutions on the process of recycling battery technology in electric cars as part of the low-carbon society of the future.

The results of the project will serve the region’s industrial companies by providing applicable information on the operating conditions of the battery recycling industry in the region, and it can also be used in the development of the region’s industries in other sectors. This information will strengthen the companies’ readiness to move to the next technological stage in the manufacturing industry and make the best possible use of e.g. the potential of new handling methods and Industry 4.0 in the battery recycling industry.