Project Work Packages

European Regional Development Fund


WP 01 Battery Recycling Innovation Park Developtment Steps

WP 02 Mapping of The Residual Resource Material Flows And Usability Cases

WP 03 Biocarbon And Graphite in Battery Industry

WP 04 Facilities And Equipment Planning

WP 05 Project Coordination

WP 01


Battery Recycling Innovation Park Development Steps

6-step model rotation: Repetition of a specificative round during second year from step 1 to step 6

Step 1: Mapping synergies between innovation park partners

Step 2: Creating a common vision for the park

Step 3: Building a network between companies and other partners

Step 4: Creating a business model

Step 5: Creating a strategy for Invest-In activities

Step 6: Piloting new business models and enabling activities

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WP 02

Centria UAS

Mapping of The Residual Resource Material Flows And Usability Cases

Task 1: Materials mapping

Task 2: Mapping of industry digitalization (industry 4.0) application opportunities in battery recycling process

Start Your Business in Battery Park

Battery Recycling Innovation Park project aims at the emergence of new battery industry and recycling businesses in Ylivieska, alongside the existing, traditional industries. Battery Recycling Innovation Park offers companies office and production spaces, an extensive partner network and low-treshold R&D services. Contact us to find out more!


Task 3: Recycling Material Flows

Task 3 will be implemented based on the results from the composition and residual capacity data from WP2

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WP 03

Sievi Industry Park Ltd

Biocarbon And Graphite in Battery Industry

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WP 04


Facilities And Equipment Planning

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WP 05


Project Coordination

Overall administrative coordination of the project.

Interested in Becoming Part of a Fast Growing Battery Industry Ecosystem?

Our network currently includes more than 50 domestic and foreign companies and R&D actors. The network enables the development of new business models, joint research and development projects between companies and R&D actors, as well as international contacts and cooperation.