Ylivieska Industry & Business Ecosystem

European Regional Development Fund

Ylivieska is a regional growth centre that is developing steadily with a projected growth rate of + 18 % by 2040. The growth projection of jobs is also good: the aim is that the town will have 1000 new jobs by 2030. Ylivieska is the centre of its neighbouring municipalities and works systematically to enable the market area of up to 100 000 inhabitants to continue growing. In 2019 Ylivieska region was recognized as one of the functionally significant urban regions in Finland (MDI 2019: Urban Network Study)

Ylivieska offers great opportunities for entrepreneurs in the industrial sector and a good environment for businesses. Ylivieska has a solid industry network whose areas of expertise are utilized by many businesses and subcontracting networks in the region. By networking with other businesses in the region, you can grow your business with lower business cycle fluctuation and investment risks. Competent work force is provided by various educational institutions. Construction and construction product industry as well as metal industry are especially strong in the region.

The location of Ylivieska is one of the secrets to its growth. Travel to and from Ylivieska is easy due to its favourable location at an intersection of highways and by one of Finland’s main railway lines. This is a great advantage from the business travellers point of view: you can travel by train while working comfortably at the same time, more about VR Business Services. Central position is also favourable for fast and flexible cargo transports to and from Ylivieska. The closest port is at 50 km distance and the closest airport at 70 km distance from the city.