European Regional Development Fund

Ylivieska Battery Cluster

We are creating a battery-related circular economy in the region of Ylivieska, bringing together companies and R&D organizations in a network that crosses regional and industry borders. Our network currently includes more than 50 companies and organizations across Europe and beyond. The ecosystems offers companies opportunities to network and develop battery industry technology together with other actors and to promote the emergence of battery recycling innovations and new business models. We also launch new development projects and support companies in finding project financing opportunities. Our B2B Matching Service helps companies to find partners within the Battery Park network.

Interested in Becoming Part of a Fast Growing Battery Industry Ecosystem?

Our network currently includes more than 50 domestic and foreign companies and R&D actors. The network enables the development of new business models, joint research and development projects between companies and R&D actors, as well as international contacts and cooperation.