Batteryminers Ltd and Centria to cooperate

European Regional Development Fund

Since the beginning of the year, the production technology unit of Centria University of Applied Sciences has started cooperating with the British Batteryminers Ltd, which is building technology and infrastructure for the safe and efficient recycling of lithium-ion batteries. Under the umbrella of Battery Park ( there are several development projects related to the battery industry. In addition to excellence in the field, the cooperation will bring strong networks of international players in the UK and elsewhere in Europe, as well as new investments in the region. The cooperation launched with Batteryminers provides excellent support for the development of the industry into one of Centria’s and Ylivieska’s key areas of strength, says lecturer Tero Niemi from Centria.

Batteryminers is very excited to announce cooperation with Centria to develop its automated dismantling process, the UK start up has ambitious plans to deliver the first ever direct recycling EV recycling plant to help support sustainability of electric vehicles says Imran Ghoni, founding director of Batteryminers.

Batteryminers’ vision for sustainable recycling includes research and development and the utilization of protected technology in battery handling, preparation, discharging, second life reuse and direct recycling. The vision also includes ease of battery collection and return, strong logistics capabilities for the safe transport of batteries and storage of black mass, as well as the development of a network of strategically located recycling centres.