Battery Recycling Innovation Park featured in Kaleva

European Regional Development Fund

Kaleva 03.09.2021

Summary of the article:

A battery business hub will be built in Ylivieska to develop and implement lithium battery recycling solutions, disassembly processes, robotics and automation.

Battery Recycling Innovation Park project, launched in Ylivieska in May 2020, is reaching its goals. The partner network now includes more than 50 companies, half of which are from abroad.

“The need for highly skilled research workforce is dozens, and the industrial park aims to create jobs for a hundred people. The common will of the financiers is that the recycling plant will also be bulilt in Ylivieska.”

The Battery Park will house companies focusing on lithium battery recycling solutions and disassembly process development, robotics and automation.

“In a parallel project that has just started, we are also exploring the possibilities of implementing a pilot recycling plant for lithium-ion batteries and a virtual development environment. The Battery Park project, the study on the construction of a recycling plant and Centria’s SAAROB project on the robotic disassembly of electric car batteries, all support one another.”

Centria University of Applied Sciences has a significant role in the Battery Park project and the related study project.

All three are funded by the Council of Oulu Region from European Regional Development Funding.

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