”Battery Park is expected to create new jobs”

European Regional Development Fund

Summary of an article in Kalajokilaakso, September 25 2021

A Battery Recycling Innovation Park is intended to be built in Ylivieska, with facilities and equipment suitable for the recycling of lithium-ion batteries, and the Battery Park area could house dozens of companies in the industry from Finland and abroad. The Battery Park is expected to create new businesses and jobs in Ylivieska and increase its attractiveness.

The Battery Recycling Innovation Park currently seeks to identify interested companies, suitable premises and studies different technological solutions such as the use of robotics in the disassembly of batteries. The actual building timetable will be defined in more detail in the near future. The project was started in May last year.

According to project manager Risto Rova, around 50 companies, half of which are foreign, are interested in the project at the moment. There is also active collaboration with universities and other educational institutions.

A parallel project related to the Battery Park project, BR Pilot Plant, was started in early September. The purpose is to find out if a lithium-ion battery recycling pilot plant and a testing environment with modern technologies can be built in Ylivieska, serving the industry’s need to develop new solutions.

Battery recycling and reuse is a growing industry that will be in high demand in the future as cars and other devices become electrified and and new types of batteries are developed. Lithium-ion batteries contain a lot of valuable and rare metals and other materials that need to be recycled. With the change, the growing battery industry needs developing and skilled workers.

Battery Recycling innovation Park is a project funded by the Council of Oulu Region and initiated by The City of Ylivieska Business Services. Also Vestia Ltd, Centria University of Applied Sciences and Sievi Industrial Park Ltd are involved in the project.

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