Battery Recycling
Innovation Park

A Fast Growing Battery Industry Ecosystem at Ylivieska Region
offering a lot of business opportunities and
an opportunity to change the world through new battery
and recycling technologies.

What do we offer?

Smart Testing, Simulation and Robotics Environment

Battery Park Labs comprise several labs, testing and demonstration facilities where companies and R&D organizations can research, test and demonstrate new solutions and technologies.

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International network

We have a network of over 50 companies and R&D organizations across Europe and beyond. Our network offers opportunities for partnerships, joint projects, or new areas of expansion for your business.

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Versatile Business Services

Our Business Services are there for you whether you need advice in starting a business in the area, finding new premises or a plot or need help in networking or developing your business. We also run various projects with the aim of creating new opportunities and better framework conditions for business.

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Value from Information

Battery Information R&D Centre will provide a vast source of information and services related to battery recycling and battery industry topics. Reliable information helps SME’s in risk–benefit analyses and making decisions on e.g. product development or adoption of technological innovation.

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Why invest in Battery Park?

New developments in battery technology are changing the way we transport and power the world and battery technology has become a highly important investment theme both globally and nationally. Ylivieska region has excellent prerequisites for becoming an important link in the Finnish battery value chain. Contact us and find out more about opportunities in the Battery Park.